Miley Cyrus Directs Boyfriend, Cody Simpson’s New Song, ‘Captain’s Dance with the Devil.’ Couples goals aren’t they?

Cody Simpson who is a very famous Australian singer and boyfriend of the pop star,  Miley Cyrus, who recently uploaded his new music video “Captain’s dance with the devil”, which is directed by his girlfriend herself, Miley Cyrus.  

Their relationship is quite supportive and it is revealed by this new video, which Miley Cyrus directed. they are seen together several times on their social media handles. They are one of those couples who want to see each other grow and support one another whenever required. 

Miley has given an entirely new look to the visuals of the video and the main theme of the video is “masculinity”, like how everyone has their secrets just like the lead character had one of dressing up like a woman, which he explored with time as this started becoming acceptable by the society. 


This new release focuses on how people should follow their hearts and fight for their freedom and try to express it in any way possible- be it art, music, dressing up, etc. 

His main idea of the video is to show how freedom is really important in today’s time. He talks about those times when choosing one’s personal freedom was a crime and those who went against the rules, were killed or executed.  He also mentioned that the message of the video focuses that one should dress up whatever way they want to. 

He really thanked Mylie for doing such a great job, and he feels their relationship is going to be great as long as they keep supporting and loving each other. 

The music video has received a lot of love and support already, and fans are getting crazy for more such inspirational music videos to come.  The fans feel this time the idea was completely different, and it is a completely new type of visual.