Miley Cyrus And Nicki Minaj had an Ugly Onstage Feud Once, But What is their Current Relationship?


The VMA Awards 2015 were memorable thanks to these two

One of the most talked about events during the 2015 VMAs was Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj’s word battle on stage, in front of a giant audience.

Nicki won the Best Hip-Hop Video VMA and soon after, she took a shot at Miley by saying, “Back to this b**** who had a lot to say about me the other day in the press; Miley, what’s good?”

Miley was right across the stage and said how interviews manipulate the words people say, but she still wished Minaj a “congratu-f–king-lations.”

What happened between them?

Before the VMAs, Minaj was feuding with Taylor Swift when she said how VMA nominations were unfair and that artists with slim bodies and her song “Anaconda” didn’t get a nomination in any of the major categories. Swift thought these remarks were aimed at her and responded to Minaj.

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Later when Cyrus was interviewed by theĀ New York Times, she showed her displeasure and said that if Minaj wanted to make it about race, then she could, but she shouldn’t make it about just herself. Then she said that it was a very Nicki Minaj thing to say and spoke about how Minaj is not too kind or polite. She turned the issue into a fight between pop stars and didn’t even find closure to the problem she started.

Minaj gave the response to this statement while on stage and the two feuded a bit more, even though the words were inaudible.

As of 2019, the two still have enmity between them and in June, Minaj spoke about how Cyrus disrespected her in some magazine article without reason. We don’t know how Cyrus responded to this.