Mike Tyson slams Hulu’s new series about him: ‘They stole my life story’

Mike Tyson’s unofficial Biopic ‘Mike’ on Hulu to create waves

The popularity of biopics based on famous people’s lives has skyrocketed. In one way or another, people like Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Ric Flair, and others have provided an in-depth glimpse into their life. Now, though in a different fashion, Mike Tyson will experience that treatment.

“Mike,” an eight-episode sitcom, will debut on Hulu. The television show is described as a “unauthorised and no holds-barred look into the life of Mike Tyson” by Deadline. It was created by “I, Tonya” screenwriter Steven Rogers and executive produced by Rogers and actress Margot Robbie.

Mike Tyson | Mike

In the Hulu biographical series MIKE, Trevante Rhodes portrays Mike Tyson. The program will follow the boxing legend from his early years, which included time spent in a juvenile prison facility, through his ascent through the ranks to become the youngest heavyweight champion in history, as well as his criminal past, subsequent fall from favor, and eventual comeback.

The series, created by the same group behind Tonya, covers everything from Tyson’s domestic violence accusations to the famed bite that made the world take notice (though perhaps not as well as Evander Holyfield), and aims to portray Tyson as a whole, if flawed, human being.

Mike Tyson | Mike

Showrunner Karen Gist said of the series that they were never attempting to argue that Mike Tyson is a hero or Mike Tyson is a villain.  Their objective was to take a highly complex and divisive personality and attempt to get beneath the surface of the things for which he was lauded and derided while adhering to their guiding principle that “no one person is one thing.” They have to incorporate all the good, the terrible, and the intricacies of both since the show isn’t meant to be a love letter or an indictment, she clarified.

Mike Tyson | Mike

The show will explore Tyson’s boxing career and emotional hardships, as well as the legal problems he has encountered. Important subjects like race in America, as well as fame and power, will also be highlighted.

Was the MIKE show approved by Mike Tyson?

When Mike (then known as Iron Mike) was first revealed for the show in February 2021, Tyson criticized him.

He stated in a since-deleted Instagram post (via Variety) that, despite being regrettable, Hulu’s decision to produce an unlicensed miniseries of the Mike Tyson narrative without payment isn’t shocking. This announcement, which follows societal injustices in our nation, is an excellent illustration of how Hulu’s corporate avarice caused this culturally insensitive theft of the Tyson life narrative. This announcement during Black History Month simply serves to underline Hulu’s preference for financial gain over respect for the rights of black storytellers.

Mike Tyson | Mike

Hollywood needs to be more understanding of black realities, particularly in light of everything that has happened in 2020. The authentic Mike Tyson-authorized narrative is currently in creation and will be released soon. It is tone deaf and unacceptable for Hulu to proclaim that it has stolen a black athlete’s story during Black History Month. Boycott Thulus and corporate greed!

Mike Tyson | Mike

On Saturday, the former heavyweight champion expressed his disgust with Hulu’s upcoming show “Mike,” which premieres on August 25 and features Trevante Rhodes as the renowned boxer. Rhodes is best known for his role in 2016’s “Moonlight.”

“Don’t be duped by Hulu. I disagree with their account of my life “In a post on Instagram, Tyson’s remarked. They took his life narrative and left him unpaid.

Tyson said in an earlier Instagram post on Saturday that Dana White, the UFC’s president, had been offered money by Hulu to promote the show but had turned it down.


The Mike ensemble is a fantastic one, with numerous actors portraying real-life figures from Tyson’s prime, including one who would later become the country’s president.

The title character is portrayed by Moonlight actor Trevante Rhodes. Mike Tyson as a teenager in B.J. Minor. A young Ethan Barrett plays Mike Tyson. Robin Givens will be played by Laura Harrier. Don King played by Russell Hornsby. Playing Evander Holyfield is Johnny Alexander, Lennox Lewis played by Otis Winston. Camille D’Amato is played by Grace Zabriskie, Trainer Scott MacDonald serving as Mike Tyson, Bill Cayton played by Kale Browne, Teddy Atlas is played by Ethan Dubin and Barbara Walters, played by Jackie Sanders