Mike ”The Situation” Sorrentino’s New Jersey Mansion is an absolute masterpiece!

Mike, ”The Situation” is happy and living in his dream house. The mansion is in New Jersey and his wife Lauren Pesce will stay with him there. The Serrentino’s New Jersey mansion is a Guido’s Dream Home. Their dream home is huge and it’s probably costs a fortune for many. In this Christmas season, it is indeed a good and a fortunate news for them.

The house has seven bedrooms, which is a lot and is capable of fitting many people in it. Also it has 10 bathrooms. It seems they will have a lot of guests in the coming days. Of course kids would love to play around as well. It provides privacy for everyone too, which is a good thing for them as they are both stars and has lots of media attention as well fans and others too.

Well the dream house is 9,800 square feet and it’s estimated price is $1,800,591. This is a huge price and a dream house indeed. So basically all the essential and the latest trends and everything is present in this house.

Also from the outside it might look like it is not that expensive and not that extraordinary. But once you get the chance of looking at the inside, it is indeed a luxurious one. It has everything a person might ever need. The house is a four story home in Holmoel, New Jersey.

The structure, the architecture and every single thing from there to the end is designed and made by famously, talented and well known people. The award winning architect Rui A. Ponte designed the house and it is indeed a masterpiece. From this, it can be understood how carefully and perfectly the home was built. Well, we are sure you wish you owned the place. But for now, all we can do is look through the pictures and admire it.