Mike Banning hasn’t retired and Gerald Butler is surely thankful?? After whopping success of “London has fallen” Alan Siegel Entertainment is looking for more sequel!!

It seems like Gerald Butler has yet again made it in the news and all for the right reasons! The second sequel, “London has fallen,” has gained a whopping $62million dollars and $ 143 million overseas. Although it seems like a lot of production housed are interested in hiring Mike Banning for upcoming sequels.

Is The Fallen Franchise Going to Go A Long Way?

Apparently, our secret service agent Mike Banning hasn’t retired yet. It seems that the hence success of Angel Has Fallen led to various local language spin-offs.

The franchise’s producer has announced the good news of the possibility of adaptations. Alan Siegal, who is the president and CEO of production and management outfit Alan Siegel Entertainment has announced that the company is looking at a fifth and even a sixth entry following the popular global success of the franchise.

A Television Spinoff Of the Action-Packed Movie.

Moreover, Further revelations are done, which include the information that Disney, Netflix, and Amazon are offering huge numbers that are bigger than anyone can on the individual market. On social media, the reactions are somewhat mixed with some people received the news with much amusement while some ere rejoicing the news. It seems like Gerald Butler will continue to play the role of Mike Banning for upcoming Fallen motion pictures.

It seems like the Fallen franchise is not falling down anytime soon! The franchise surely has a long way to go along with Mike Banning. Gerald Butler has already made a worldwide name, and the role of agent Mike Banning has surely increased his market value as an actor and given his career a great push. Let us wait and see what happens in the upcoming sequels of this action-packed movie. We surely can’t miss Mike Banning on the big screens.