Michelle Dockery to Star in BBC’s upcoming drama, ‘This Town’ 

Michelle Dockery’s role is still not clear

Michelle Dockery will be seen as the lead in the BBC drama ‘This Town’ from creator Steven Knight. She gets fame from her show ‘Downton Abbey’ in which she plays the role of Lady Mary Crawley.

Michelle Dockery

The story revolves around a family which consists of 4 youngsters who enters a world of music which ‘ska’ and two-tone music. The story is six- part series and is commonly known as “Two Tone”. Ska is a musical form which was quite popular in U.K at their earlier time of 1970s and 1980s. It got a little mixture with traditional Jamaican ska with punk rock and new wave which brought together all the people of different region like Blacks, whites, and Asian youths.

Michelle Dockery’s role is still unclear for which she will be playing. The shoot has been started and is filming in Birmingham, England. Except for her Nicholas Pinnock will also be starred along with David Dawson.

Steven Knight’s expectations from the drama 

According to the reports, Knight was seen talking about the drama and mentions the project to be very close to his heart. He further adds, “It’s about an era I lived through and know well.”

He is closely related with the character, and he feels involved in the characters with whom he spent his childhood with. He also said that it will be a love letter to Birmingham and Coventry, but he also hopes that his story should be something to which the whole world relates.

Steven Knight
Credit: Tiger Aspect

The executive producers include Karen Wilson, Martin Haines, Katie McAleese, Jo McLellan, Laura Conway, Matthew James Wilkinson, and Nick Angel. Director will be Paul Whittington and Charlotte Surtees will be the producer.

Michelle Dockery’s most recent work was with Netflix’s series Anatomy of a Scandal which is a thriller series. Also, she was one the voice providers for the Disney Channel’s most popular animated series Amphibia.