Micheal Gandolfini saw his dead father alive: Story about Finally Watching ‘Sopranos’ is Heartbreaking for Michael.

The HBO team is now making a Sopranos prequel film about a teenage boy Tony. This fact is somehow sounding like a punch line to a dumb joke about the team that there are no new ideas, but somehow, it came up to be a pretty good idea. David Chase, an American screenwriter, director, and television producer, is the best-known person to write and cast stories for the HBO drama Sopranos for a sequel of 6 seasons from 1999 to 2007. David Chase also wrote ‘The many saints of Newmark’ helmed by Alan Taylor, and it came up to be a very talented casting.¬†James Gandolfini’s son, Michael, will be playing the role of Tony, which is now one of the most significant facts for the team so far. Michael is the perfect person to play the part. Michael has sat down and talked about his late father’s role in the series with the fact that he has not watched the series so far. By this fact, we come to know that he is extremely interested in playing a role in the movie and moreover, he is attached to it. The year the series was first aired was the year when he was born, and, he has now got the role.

He told the team about his personal experiences in the interview. He said that before the auditions for the role, he had not even watched a single minute of the show. When he was small, he used to be there in the set with his father and watch him play the role. When he would ask his father what was this all about, he would tell him that it is about a guy in mob going to therapy. Later on, when he watched the show, it was hard for him as he would see his father in the show alive and the hardest part was that he had to do it without him by his side.