Michael Jackson and Barry Gibb were secretly living together? Here’s what we have recently found out.

Barry revealed Jackson was a regular visitor and actually moved in with him and his family.

Speaking back in 2014, he told The Mirror: “He would come to Miami and stay in our house.


He’d sit in the kitchen and watch the fans outside his hotel on TV, just giggling – ‘Hee hee!’ He lived upstairs for a while.”



Barry explained it was in the early 2000s before Jackson was put on trial on child molestation charges.

He insisted he never talked about the court case with his new housemate.

The singer went on: “[It was] right before his child-molestation trial for numerous children. We never discussed the case.”

The Bee Gees star also revealed Jackson was fond of booze and would often get so drunk he’d pass out on the floor.

He added: “We would just sit around and write and get drunk. Michael liked wine – there were a few nights when he just went to sleep on the floor.”

Jackson would often book a hotel room in the city but would stay with Barry instead and the singer insisted he never saw the star unhappy.



Barry went on to say how the pair indulged in wine together, and sometimes Michael didn’t even make it to bed.

They were such good friends that Barry named one of his children after the singer, and the King Of Pop became Godfather to little Michael Gibb.

In a statement released after Jackson’s death in 2009, Barry wrote: “We are devastated”.

Robin Gibb added: “We’ve not only lost a great friend in Michael but also lost a wonderful sensitive human being.”


Barry said the group was “devastated” in a statement released after the hitmaker’s death in June 2009.