Michael Douglas talks about his career and life; How important it is to write about some moments of your life

Michael Kirk Douglas, an American actor, and producer who has received numerous accolades. He is the recipient of two Academy Award and five Golden Awards. Besides his acting career, Douglas is well known for his charity and political works. He gained fame in his acting career after 1984 movie Romancing the Stine which was also produced by him. The film reintroduced him as a capable lead actor.

In a recent talk, Douglas shared that he should have jotted down his life stories. He spoke about the last 50 years (from his television debut back in 1969). One usually does not cherish it at that moment and we realize it later.
Douglas wished, he would have kept a diary and noted. When his life slowed down, he realized he has come too far to note it down. Douglas also spoke about the importance of producing, directing and selecting acting roles. His career followed the same trajectory as his father’s.
A few times, he has deviated from the path followed by his father. In the initial 8 pictures, his father played the role of a sensitive man. The film which bagged him Oscar Nomination was the one in which he played the role of a bad guy.
Douglas also spoke about his wife who is 25 years younger than him. He met her in the 90s at the Film Festival. He was promoting his upcoming film, A Perfect Murder while she was there for the promotion of her movie, Zorro. Douglas has given a very important message to his fans and all the listeners and readers. One should note down things. Very soon moments become memory.