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Metal Gear Solid adaptation is all set to star Oscar Isaac. Sources say he will portray the role of Solid Snake in the Film. Read below to seek all the deatils!

The result of fans wishes have finally came out. Sony is all set to cast Oscar Isaac who is most likely to play the role of Solid Snake in the film. The film is based on Metal Gear which is a Japanese series of action and adventure video game. The first series of the video game was released almost thirty years ago. It was released on 13tg of June in 1987. It is not the first time that there is going to be a adaptation of the game series.

The story behind the final announcement is almost 14 years old.

A non-profit film was produced which was set in 2007. The film was welcomed by fans although. However, in May 2006 Hideo Kojima decided to make a film on the video game series. Kojima is series creator of “Metal Gear”. Moreover, very less people know that the list of actors Kojima has approached to play the role of “Solid Snake” contains big names. The first choice of Kojima was none other than Hugh Jackman as snake but decided to look after more choices.

Christian Bale also denied the rumors that he is approached for the role. Just like that when nothing seemed possible, Kojima announced that this project is now postponed for indefinite time. He said that, if the film will perform poorly, it may affect the video game series. Therefore, the project went on halt. Again in February 2017 a news came that Vogt-Roberts will be directing the movie.

Oscar Isaac himself expressed an interest for the role. Thus, he is officially casted for the role of “Solid Snake” on December, 2020. Avi Arad will be the producer of the movie.

Above all ,for Isaac it is a good opportunity after he has been casted in recent “Star Wars”.

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