Meri Brown finally found “someone new” in her life: Find out who is it!

Meri Brown, the lead of ‘Sister Wives’ is heating all the fans’ excitement by disclosing about “someone new” via Instagram.

Meri Caroline Brown gained fame as being one of the leads in the American television reality series ‘Sister Wives’. The show premiered on TLC on September 26, 2010. She, being the first wife of Kody Brown, was married to him for about 24 years. Kody Brown, along with his four wives, participated in the reality series to make the people all around the globe, “more aware” about polygamy and polygamist families. This attempt was made to make people more knowledgeable about polygamy and its truths and myths which aimed at fighting against the prejudices prevailing in the society.

Meri Brown finally found "someone new" in her life: Find out who is it! 3

According to Kody Brown, he was married “legally” to only one woman, that is, Meri Brown, while being ‘spiritually married’ to another three, namely, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown. Hence his polygamist arrangement was to be considered as ‘legal’. Spiritual marriage (or spiritual union) is a form of Christian marriage whereby a male and a female is married to each other but are not allowed to get involved in any sexual activity with their mates. The series led the Brown family to be held under investigation. On December 2014, Meri and Kody Brown separated as the latter moved on to marry his fourth then-spiritual wife, Robyn Brown.

In her recent posts on Instagram, Meri played with words while describing “someone new” in her life. She continued to explain that secret someone as being “amazing”, “good looking”, “solid” and “SOOOO good” to her. “I feel comfortable with him…….. His name is Hudson, and I cannot get enough of him.” was something that made the people stick their eyes on the screen. Her post shocked the fans as they eventually found out that it was a compliment given out to a brand LULAROEΒ Hudson clothing line.

To the fans’ despair, Meri still did not find someone worth “marrying”.