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Melissa McCarthy And Ben Falcone Wants To Be A Part Of Thor: Love And Thunder, This Includes A Hilarious Audition Tape!

While fans are eagerly excited about the fourth Thor movie because of its impressive cast ensemble, it seems like a popular celebrity pair has recently expressed their keenness to be a part of The Thor family and the results will leave you in splits!

Melissa McCarthy And Ben Falcone Posts An Rib- Tickling Audition Tape!

Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone has recently released a rib-tickling videotape and trying to convince the Marvel studio on why they should be a part of the fourth Thor movie!

The video starts as the couple starts talking about having prepared a monologue about how the would-be the perfect fit for the movie, Thor: Love and Thunder and it is soon followed by a hilarious song where both tried to sing along. Melissa uses her humorous antics while saying she can make different types of hummus, there was some extra emphasis on the word, hummus!

The Hilarious Pair Tries To Convince Marvel Studio To Take Them In Thor: Love and Thunder!

Things became all the funnier when Falcone spelt the word Marvel a lot like Carvel, and how they love their ice- cream and ice cream cakes. Don’t miss out on the part where Melissa McCarthy controls her laughter for a while before joining in the song! Falcone ends the video by saying that they can be both love and thunder, or thunder and love!

The video within no time went on to become viral while several celebs including Courtney Cox commenting about how hilarious the video is. We wonder what director Taika Waititi and lead star Chris Hemsworth has to say about this proposal put forward by the couple. Do you all want to see the pair in Thor 4?

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