Supergirl star Melissa Benoist finally talks about her suffering of Domestic Violence and her husband Chris Wood comes to support her wife against the same!

What? Melissa Benoist is a survivor of domestic violence. Are you in shock? But this is true as her husband Chris Wood decided to stand publicly next to his wife to support her.

Melissa Benoist husband, Chris Wood comes to support her wife against domestic abuse

Melissa Benoist told her followers on Instagram that she is a survivor of domestic violence, and just after that, her husband Chris Wood is publicly taking a decision to stand next to his wife. They both were recently married over Labor Day Weekend, and on Thursday, Wood praised her “Supergirl” wife using the hashtag of #IStandWithMelissa on Twitter.

He shared on Twitter, “I am always standing next to her. I am going to kiss her and hold her tightly.” I love her All day every day. How do you guys will show love?” This challenging word of Chris just made many of her followers to support her and stand next to her.

Melissa decided to speak out about the domestic violence she has suffered

On Wednesday, Benoist took a moment and shared a very lengthy and emotional video on Instagram and claimed that she endured months of abuse by her younger romantic partner.

In a video, she shared, “Yes, I am a survivor of domestic abuse, and this is something which I never expected in my life. She also tried explaining about the kind of violence she has faced off with. “I have been suffered from many major injuries and an extremely high level of trauma in my mind.” I felt the pain of beaten repeatedly, the pain when someone drags you from hair across the pavement, the pain of getting shoved into a wall so hard that drywall choked. I learn the pain of being alone all the time and suffering without saying anything. “But finally, I decided to shout out when I had a major injury when he threw an iPhone at my face.”