Seven Deadly Sins: Meliodas; Character review of the mightiest warrior and Updates

In The Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas is one of the best characters to appear, but there are still good guys and bad guys that can overcome him. The Seven Deadly Sins ‘smooth and high-quality animations make it easy to see the protagonists’ wacky abilities on full display, and also allows for some enjoyable and fascinating battle scenes.

Battles in the Seven Deadly Sins can sometimes boil down to basic slugfest, but the unique skills always throw a twist into the plot and are still interesting to observe, though it is easy seeing coming. Meliodas is often an aspect of these critical battles, where he has been shown to be one of the mightiest warriors ever to be in history.


Zeldris is the current president of the Ten Commandments, after his father, the Demon King, gave the role. He is known as Zeldris the Righteousness, and any individual who turns their back to Zeldris falls under his curse because of his strength.


Gowther is a founding member of the Commandments, and he had Gowther the Selflessness insulting term. He represented directly underneath the Demon King, in this capacity. At the moment, Gowther is the goat sin of love. Gowther was unable to communicate with the outside world for years because he was imprisoned in a demon jail.

His only way to gain entry to this world was by using a doll that he had made. Gowther has a variety of skills, from his Incursion to his capacity for conversion. Gowther is an ancient ghost, which means he could fight with Meliodas for a while, but ultimately he’d define it.


Diane is a strong giant warrior and an envious Serpent Sin. She can easily overturn mountains thanks to her incredible height. Her ability to create gives her the authority to change the scenery of a battle in a fraction of a second by altering the Earth.


Escanor is the Lion Sin of Patriotism and is widely considered one of the strongest combatants in the world. Escanor’s powers grow with the light, and when it’s at its peak, against the greatest of demons and gods, it can be unsurpassable. He can unleash all the energy which he has stored in Rhitta with his Divine Sword, Rhitta.

The energy emitted takes the form of fire, and it burns so brightly that it is frequently mistaken by onlookers for the sun. Meliodas himself said Escanor is tougher than him, meaning he will eventually lose if they fight.


Estarossa or Mael is one of the Sun god Clan’s Four Angels, as he is truly known. He was deluded to do the will of the Demon King as one of its ten laws. He had been the cause of much devastation in that period. The commandment of Estarossa makes anyone who has hatred against him impotent in their heart.

Any person who harbors hateful feelings becomes immobile when they try to approach Estarossa. His full combat magic gives him the ability to mirror physical assaults, with power production more than twice as high. That means he could be a quite lethal opponent to Meliodas, in tandem with his Ark magic.


Gilthundder is a guy who spent much of his formative year’s idolatry with Meliodas, aspiring one day to be as powerful as himself. Gil spent much of his teenage years perfecting his skills and shaping his body to that end. This and his strong sense of fairness led him to become a Knight of Holiness.

For a human of his age, Gil is incredibly powerful, and also possess tremendous skill in swordplay and lighting magic. He can revive destructive fireballs using his USB c methods as well as bedecked himself in lightning armor. This allows Gil strong both offensive and defensive, but would still be too weak to beat a serious Meliodas.


He is a part of the Goddess Clan, and the present Four Archangels leader, the Goddess Clan’s four most powerful warriors. Ludociel is a man who is held in high regard by the participants of his clan because of his possession. He is considered a guy who is calm and level-headed.

As a warrior, Ludociel is incredibly resilient, being able to stand up to waves and tides of attacks while preparing in his head a response-strategy with care. In a fight against Meliodas, his Ark skills would be quite hazardous, given that he is a demon. Meliodas would have put up a solid fight against Ludociel but would eventually lose.