Melanie Lynskey Thanks Husband &Nanny In A Heartwarming Speech After Winning Critics Choice Awards

Melanie Lynskey Bags Her First Critics Choice Awards

Melanie Lynskey who played the role of Shauna in the drama series Yellowjackets recently won her first Critics Choice Awards. While, she was all happy at the awards, she thanked a lot of people for her win. Not to forget, the actress won the Best Actress awards at the Critics Choice. In her speech she thanked some special persons in her life to whom she owed her win.

Read ahead to know more about Melanie Lynskey winning the Best Actress Critics Choice Awards.

Melanie Lynskey thanked husband Jason Ritter on winning Best Actress

Melanie Lynskey
Instagram/ Melanie Lynskey

As the Best Actress winner got announced, Melanie was in utter disbelief that she would make it to win the award. However, the 44 years old actress got up on stage to hold the award and give her acceptance speech. While she said that she is not prepared well with the speech, yet her speech won the hearts of all.

In her acceptance speech Lynskey thanked her co-stars and her husband husband Jason Ritter. Looking gorgeous in the dark blue velvet outfit, Lynskey was happy to accept her first Critics Choice Awards for her much loved drama series Yellowjackets.

Yellowjackets actress thanked her “angel” nanny in the acceptance speech

After thanking and owing the award to the love of her life, Lynskey thanked her nanny. Sally who is the nanny of Lynskey was given thanks too in her acceptance speech. She went on to call her nanny “angel” with whom Lynskey’s daughter is always safe, she shared.

It was obvious with Lynskey’s speech though that it was something straight from her heart as she thanked all possible people she could. Moreover, Yellowjackets of Lynskey was a hit series with its first season. Later it got another season though. Meanwhile, the awards show let many worthy artist win the Critics Choice Awards this year.