Meghan McCain Gave A Fitting Reply To One Of Donald Trump’s Old Tweets where he attacked her!

It seems like another celebrity got involved in a Twitter feud with President Donald Trump. This time it is The View co-host, Meghan McCain who was backlashed by the President himself in an old Tweet that might have resurfaced on social media.

Meghan McCain Gave A Fitting Reply To Donald Trump’s Tweet Calling Her Out As Angry And Obnoxious!

She was called out as angry and obnoxious, however, the host surely did not hold back and gave the most epic reply to the tweet. The tweet was made back in 2015 when McCain used to work in Fox News.

However, when the tweet resurfaced again back in 2018, the host made a fitting reply and it was pretty savage! She took up the tweet and said while her show The View won the Emmy for a best daytime talk show, she did not forget to mention how Trump and The Apprentice never won any Emmy, ever! Have a look at the Instagram post  to get a glimpse of the ongoing social media feud that took place between the two.

The View Host Also Called Donald Trump Out For His Goya Products Endorsements!

McCain has also called out the president and his daughter, Ivanka for their endorsement of Goya products. The View host called those endorsements creepy and unethical! It seems like the feud is going to continue for quite some time now.

We all know that the Emmy thing has always been a sore spot and Trump has went on record to say how the whole process is rigged. Well, Meghan surely could not let the whole thing go and came up with a fiery reply when the old tweet resurfaced on the Internet.