Meghan Markle opens up about her struggle of being a mother and constantly being targeted by media

Meghan Markle , former actress and Duchess of Sussex opened up about her struggles of being a new mom especially when the whole world keeps judging her. Meghan had been the constant target of trollers on the social media platform since she became a mother. In a recent interview for an upcoming documentary “Harry and Meghan “.The documentary is the behind scenes tour of their visit to South Africa.

A short video clip from the upcoming documentary was released in which Meghan opened about her struggles. She confessed that she’s been in a lot of pressure of being a new mother, new wife and most important the duchess of Sussex. Everything she does is watched by millions of people and she is brutally trolled for any small mistakes she made. She said that she is also just a normal woman who recently became a mother but no one understands that.

When she was asked about how she’s been holding up through these times,¬† Meghan couldn’t control her tears and started crying. She said that everyone was busy judging her and no one has asked how she is feeling. She straightforwardly replied that she’s not OK. She also told in the interview that pregnant women are very emotional and they are vulnerable to every small thing. And going through so much negativity made her feel very bad.

Meghan has always been one of the first priorities of the trollers. She’s always been trolled on Te way she holds her baby. People need to understand that she is a mother and can take care of their child properly. Nobody should judge anyone and be so negative about everything.

After the video was released, people on social media came with the hashtag #weloveyouMeghan to support her.

Recently, Meghan and Prince Harry had confronted a British newspaper as they published an edited version of a letter that Meghan wrote for her father. Prince Harry wrote in an online statement that unfortunately, her wife has been the constant target of newspapers and social media. They drag her unnecessarily into their dirty political agenda against them.

The documentary is set to be released on 20 October in the United Kingdom.