Meghan Markle kisses Archie as he’s cradled in Prince Harry’s arms

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex share a very cute moment with baby Archie as Meghan Markle gently places a kiss on her son’s head while Price Harry cradles the little baby in his arms. The moment was captured and surfaced as a behind the scenes moment in the trailer of an ITV documentary about the royal couple’s tour.

The ITV documentary named Harry and Meghan: An African Journey air this Sunday at 9p.m. The presenter of the documentary Tom Bradby has promised that the video will reveal both “pride and happiness” as well as “pain and pressure” of the royal life that the couple lead.

The Duke and Duchess visited Africa to meet the Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The new trailer of the ITV documentary, reveals the couple sharing an intimate family moment with their son Archie moments before leaving to meet the Archbishop. The short video shows Prince Harry cuddling and bouncing little Archie in his arms as the 38 years old Duchess kisses and caresses their young one’s head.

As Harry held on to Archie, also clutched a light blue blanket that wrapped the little boy safely. Meghan could be seen wearing a printed dress by Club Monaco while her tresses tied in a knotted bun. She leans in to her husband and son to shower love on Archie. Among the three, Archie stole the show in blue striped dungarees and matching booties

Harry and Meghan had invited Tom Bradby to join them on the tour while simultaneously waging wore on the press. Brandby is a good friend and confidante of Price Harry. Bradby was first introduced to harry years ago by his then secretary Mark Dyer. Bradby has made documentary on Price Harry’s gap years in Africa, followed by another revisiting his work in Lesotho in 2016.

This new documentary ‘An African Journey’ presents the royal couple’s tour to Africa with their 4 month old son, which was Archie’s first royal tour.