Meghan King Edmonds accused Jim Edmonds cheating with Nanny! Jim called her actions ‘disgusting and irresponsible’!

The star of “Real Housewives of Orange County,” bursting out her silence due to her husband’s “inappropriate, immature, and downright odd” behavior. The star shared her story on her official website’s blog post on Tuesday.

Meghan King Edmonds breaks silence on Husband Jim Edmonds cheating scandals

She started her post by referring to her husband’s sexting scandal with another woman since the month of June this year.

In her post, she shares her struggles and difficulties from which she has gone through during her pregnancy carrying twins. She also told her son Hart was diagnosed with a life long brain injury called PVL, which will affect every aspect of his life.

The pair got married in the month of October 2014. According to Meghan King Edmonds Jim Edmonds, her husband was found drinking and partying with much younger women, including several of their babysitters. She also told that Jim also deleted entire text conversation on his phone with several women.

Jim dismissed All cheating accusation

Jim took to social media on Monday morning to deny all accusations of an extramarital affair with the couple’s young nanny. He said that she is not just a nanny but a someone that they brought into there house and promised to protect and look after while she was in their home. They have been treating and raising this young girl like she is there own child!

For someone to accuse him of sleeping with her is not only wrong, it’s disgusting and irresponsible.’ He also said that while ‘we all make mistakes, this is not one of those times.’

Jim Defended Carly Wilson(Nanny) from Social Media Attacks

Meanwhile, Carly Wilson(22), who is one of four nannies employed by the couple has denied all the accusation of infidelity, and posted on Instagram asking the reality start to ‘be kind’.