Megan Fox shares rare family pictures of her quality time spent with Husband and Three Cute Kids at Disneyland

Credit: JB Lacroix/WireImage)

The famous American actress and model Megan Fox shares a very rare picture with her family. The picture features herself with her three cute kids and husband Brian Austin.

The actress has already given a Halloween vibes by sharing the post. She shared a trio of pictures in a single post.

The first picture is a snap of the actress herself and her three kids – Noah (age 7), the eldest of all, Bodhi (age 5) and Journey (age 3). All four of them are sitting on chairs and we can see Ferris wheels on the background. The youngest kid is seen wearing a red and yellow color dragon costume.

The second snap features the whole family together. Husband (age 44) holds the youngest child Journey in his arms. Noah is seen wearing a black color costume of a witch adding a pink color hair-wig. Bodhi wears a skeleton costume and stands in front of Megan. Mumma Megan looks to have super fun who wears a mouse-ear hairband with baby pink floral patterns on it.

The third and final snapshot is also a candid picture of the family. Journey is wearing the dragon costume is carried by Daddy Brian. Noah wearing a witch costume and Bodhi in a skeleton outfit. Megan Fox stands beside Brian Austin wearing the same festive mouse-ear band.

All the pictures are from the recent trip to Disneyland where the family went to celebrate Halloween. Initially, the couple was low key in terms of sharing their kid’s snaps on social media.

Megan Fox in an interview confessed that her son Noah sometimes helps her to decide her mother’s outfit. Noah’s dressing sense is a little different from a regular 7-year-old boy. But his parents support him to wear whatever he likes. Due to this, he is often criticized by his classmates.

The pictures shared by the actress clearly portray all the enjoyment the family had together.