Megan Fox is coming with a Steamy Lesbian Drama “Zeroville”

Meghan Fox, Transformer star is in a new role. She is in a steamy lesbian romp in Hollywood drama called Zeroville. The story is basically about Soledad Paladin, a 33-year-old beautiful actress has a relationship with the main character in the drama, who is James Franco.

The shooting for the drama started in 2014 but it took five years to complete it because it was bankrupt. Due to other financial crises also it got delayed to this much longer.

The story shows scenes of two girls, lesbians having their intimacy. Their intimate scene is shown on screen. The show has not faced that much criticism but one of the critics criticized it by saying how it is indescribably smug.

The main character James, who plays the role of Jerom is obsessed with the actress. Jerom, given a nickname as Vikar, is a young man and a worker. By seeing the lady falls in love with her beauty and gets obsessed. He has an obsession with the actress, who is extremely good looking. She has charms and everything.

Eventually, the movie takes a dreamful journey. It shows the life of the young actor and lesbian lives also is shot clearly.

The negativity was that the movie was released recently. It was shot in 2014 but it almost took them years to be out.

The director James has been alleged for so many problems in the acting school by students their and lawyers also. They alleged him of sexually exploiting them. The students even mention how he is not a good person and is more sexual and exploiting the freedom that he has over the cast members.

The movie which was bankrupt was later ready to be published by myCinema who later helped in bringing the movie out to the public and for their view.