Here is the Cast of “The Half of It” along with the characters! Read to know them better!

In case you’re searching for your next most loved Netflix romantic comedy, Its Half was made only for you. Fans have been dying to watch the rom-com since its trailer has been released. The story is about the passionate feelings of Ellie Chu. She is naive and is living a happy life in Squahamish until a kid in her group influences her to write letters to her crush, Aster. The film is one of the best ones that Netflix has ever released, and it is diverting, inspiring. Before you click play and watch the amazing story composed by Alice Wu, become more acquainted with the stars of the film.

Let us get acquainted with the cast and characters of the movie.

Leah Lewis as Ellie Chu

Ellie is a modest young lady who is simply attempting to get by in Squamish. She maintains an exposition composing business so as to assist her with bringing in some additional cash for her family. Despite the fact that she has an inclination that she doesn’t have a place, she’s additionally scared of departing her dad and everything she’s at any point known behind.

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[MEET THE CAST] • Leah Lewis as Ellie Chu

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Leah Lewis at present stars as George Fan in the CW’s Nancy Drew. She has likewise recently shown up in Charmed and Station 19 in repeating jobs.

Daniel Diemer as Paul Munsky

Paul is the individual who enlists Ellie to compose a letter to Aster. While he is a piece of the football crew and can without much of a stretch join the famous children, he attempts to keep himself in the clear and doesn’t generally concur with the stuff that they do. His family is known for their frankfurter organization.

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[MEET THE CAST] • Daniel Diemer as Paul Munsky

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Daniel Diemer is referred to for his job as Cole in the main period of Sacred Lies.

Alexxis Lemire as Aster Flores

Aster is essentially everybody’s fantasy young lady. She is at present dating the most mainstream fellow in school, and everybody believes she’s ideal since her father is the minister at the nearby church. Regardless of the entirety of this, she wants to discover somebody who recognizes the truth about her and not what they trust her to be. Alexxis has been doing this as the first breakthrough job. Her recent appearance was in The Art of Murder and Truth and Dare.

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[MEET THE CAST] • Alexxis Lemire as Aster Flores

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This is Alexxis’ first breakout job. She recently showed up in the TV motion pictures Truth or Dare and The Art of Murder.

Wolfgang Novogratz as Trig Carson

He is the apple in the eye of the school. While he is the star of the secondary school football crew, he isn’t splendid and accepts that everybody is enamored with him. He is effectively ready to pull off things, and he is presently involved with Aster. Trig, aka Novogratz, appeared in Sierra Burgess is A Loser as Drew.