‘Mean Girls’ travel diary!! Tina Fey pays a visit to Philadelphia!! Checkout why?

Philadelphia is getting quite luckier this August with visits from celebrities. Last week the Washington Square in Philadelphia was graced by visits from Jason Segel, Sally Field, Andre 3000 and Idris Elba.

Now, Philadelphia was graced by another visitor, Tina Fey. The comic genius visited Philadelphia on the night of Wednesday. There were rumors that Tina Fey was going to visit Philadelphia. Hence, it wasn’t a surprise appearance.

'Mean Girls' travel diary!! Tina Fey pays a visit to Philadelphia!! Checkout why? 1
Image: PennLive.com

The rumors in Philadelphia were that Tina Fey would be giving a free talk at the Kimmel Center sometime on Wednesday. Tina Fey’s Broadway musical, Mean Girls’ tickets have gone live on Wednesday. The movie Mean Girls was based on her box office hit in the year 2004. Mean Girls is going to open in November at the Academy of Music.

At the Kimmel Center on Wednesday, Tina Fey talked about her musical and then took some time to answer some of the questions which were posed by the TV journalist Damian Holbrook. It was known that Damian Holbrook is the inspiration for the character ‘Damian’ in Mean Girls.

At the Kimmel Center, Damian Holbrook asked Tina Fey if she has ever double-parked in the South-Philadelphia. It is safe to assume that Damian Holbrook was actually asking if Tina Fey ever participated in the tradition of median parking in the South of Philadelphia. However, smart Tina Fey responded that she has never driven to the city.

It is almost impossible for the citizens of Philadelphia not to ask the visitors about cheesesteaks. Hence, Damian Holbrook has asked the obvious question to Tina Fey, whether she like Pat’s or Geno’s.

Tina Fey paused for a moment and answered that she chose Pat’s. Tina Fey revealed that her Delco roots have helped become what she is, a comedic genius.