McDonalds has steeped very low as it kicks out a disabled man and his service dog because the service dog “smelled bad”

According to a report from Fox News, a disabled man has alleged that he and his dog were kicked out of a McDonald’s in Texas because his dog, Bella, has smelled bad.

Leon Masson, 59-years-old, is suffering from partial paralysis due to a motorcycle accident and reportedly uses a wheelchair for his locomotion, reports KABB TV. Leon Masson even revealed that from time to time, he also suffers from seizures and that he also has diabetes. Leon Masson has informed the news reporter that he must travel with his dog Bella for his safety reasons.

Image: KABB-TV

Leon Masson told the news reporter from the KABB TV that he can be anywhere if it wasn’t for his dog, Bella. He went on to add that Bella alerts him before he had any seizure or a diabetic attack.

According to the reports from KABB TV, Leon Masson has visited San Antonio’s branch of McDonald’s located on Roosevelt Avenue to get lunch, and then suddenly, the manager of the branch has asked them to leave. Leon Masson let out the details as he said that the manager reasoned with him for his leave because his animal stinks.

Leon Masson revealed that his dog, Bells, is very well-groomed and that she gets a bath every week without a miss and that she is trained to be at her best behavior in public places.

When Leon Masson declined to leave, the manager of the fast-food restaurant reportedly has called the police on him. After the police have reached the location, Leon Masson showed Bella’s identification card and proved that she is a well-groomed service dog.

However, when reached out, McDonald’s has not responded to make any statements regarding the incident. Apparently, the manager at the fast-food restaurant said that many of the customers have complained about the smell of the dog.