McCartney Reveals Rediscovered 60s Photos of The Beatles – Rare Glimpse in History!

McCartney reveals 60s photographs

Paul McCartney has rediscovered a trove of photographs he took of The Beatles during their 1963-64 tour with some of these now being made available to the public.

Lost and Found

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 4’s The Today Show programme, McCartney revealed that the photographs were “lost” for many decades. McCartney spoke about discovering his pictures again:

“It was really good actually because I thought I’d lost them. I’d assumed because the ’60s was so loose. Doors were left open, and I’d invite everybody in…A lot of stuff went missing, so I thought this would all be missing but my photo archivist, who mainly deals with Linda’s work, she said, ‘No, we’ve got them all.’ So I said, ‘Wow, let’s get them out, let’s get a look at them’. So I was very pleasantly surprised.”

The Eyes of the Storm

McCartney has chosen to make 250 unseen photographs available to the public through his new book 1964: Eyes of the Storm. The book will contain photographs McCartney took of his bandmates surrounded by the cities they traveled to while on tour. The photographs, taken on McCartney’s personal Pentax camera will be available in an accompanying photo book published by Penguin.

A second chance

The photos offer a rare glimpse into an iconic period, and provide an insight into the lives of one of the most famous bands in history. The images perfectly encapsulate the unique atmosphere of the 1960s and offer a second chance for fans to immerse themselves in the era.

Last Beatles Single

McCartney revealed that The Beatles plan to release their “last” single later this year, which was enhanced using artificial intelligence:

“When we came to make what will be the last Beatles record, it was a demo that John had that we worked on, and we’ve just finished it off. It’ll be released this year. We were able to get John’s voice and make it pure through AI, and then we could mix the record as you would normally do”.

National Portrait Gallery Exhibit

The National Portrait Gallery in the UK will display select photographs of McCartney’s 1963-64 tour from the 28 June to the 1 October in 2023. The exhibit provides an unprecedented opportunity to see the images up close and promises to offer a new perspective on the iconic era.

Christine Costner Refuses to Vacate Compound 

The articles also discuss Kevin Costner’s divorce battle with second wife Christine. Mr. Costner is attempting to evict his wife from his lavish California home. Legal docs show she has remained in the compound despite the prenup stipulations.

Legal Attempt

Costner’s legal team has failed to reach an agreement with his wif to leave the shared property. The prenup stipulates a 30-day period, post-divorce filing for the property to be vacated, yet there has been no indication that Christine is in agreement.

Arguments Both Sides

Costner claims to have already paid her $1m, in addition to contributing towards the cost of a rental property. However, according to court documents, “she will not move out of Kevin’s separate property residence” until he “agrees to various financial demands.”


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An insight into the article

Reading about Paul McCartney’s newly discovered photographs from the ’60s certainly brings a much-needed boost during these challenging times. The photos, which had been thought to have been lost for decades, offer the public a chance to see a unique moment in history up-close and personal.

The images capture a remarkable slice of life as the band travelled city to city. For many fans, the analog photos are an opportunity to recapture the spirit of the time and imagine what life might have been like as the band enjoyed its heyday.

The National Portrait Gallery’s forthcoming exhibit will provide the perfect opportunity for fans to glimpse the photos up close. The exhibit presents a welcome distraction for those waiting to emerge from weeks of lockdown.

However, Costner’s situation with his wife is a reminder that one needs to read over legal documents thoroughly before signing on the dotted line. Complications can arise during the separation process, especially when it comes to shared properties. In particular, Christina’s reluctance only to move unless Kevin makes unspecified financial concessions should be a reason to start a separate dialogue or consider mediation through a qualified law specialist.


Rediscovered photographs from the ’60s offer a new perspective on a historic time. Whether it’s the Beatles’ travels or the National Geographic photographer who inspired McCartney to pen both “Lady Madonna” and “Rocky Raccoon,” readers are presented with a chance to glance back at the past and discover some of its significance.


Q1: Are the photos available for purchase?

The photos from the 1963-64 tour will be available to the public through McCartney’s new book, 1964: Eyes of the Storm, accompanied by a photo book published by Penguin.

Q2: When will the National Portrait Gallery exhibit the photos?

The exhibit in the UK at the National Portrait Gallery is slated to be held from the 28th of June through to the 1st of October in 2023.

Q3: What songs were inspired by the photographs?

The 1968 song, “Lady Madonna,” was inspired by a National Geographic photograph of a woman and her child.

Q4: What is the latest on Kevin Costner’s divorce?

Currently, the two sides are in a legal battle over the fate of shared property. Christine Costner still resides in the shared home, despite filing for divorce over a month previously. Kevin argues this is a violation of the prenup agreement.

Q5: Is the prenup void?

At present, there is no information to suggest that the prenup agreement is void, but certain complications could arise during the separation process.