Mayans MC Season 5: Explosive Conclusion to Biker Gang Drama – Release Date & Cast Announced!

The Release Date, Cast, and Plot of Mayans MC Season 5

Mayans MC, the biker gang drama series set on the Mexican border, has become its own standalone show after four seasons. Fans are eagerly awaiting the fifth and final season to see how the story ends for brothers EZ and Angel and the rest of the Mayans. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Mayans MC season 5, including the release date, cast, and plot.

Release Date

Mayans MC Season 5 Premiere Date

The fifth and final season of Mayans MC will premiere on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, on FX.


The new season will consist of ten episodes and will kick off with an intense two-episode premiere.


Leading Role

The leading role of Mayans MC will be played by J D Pardo as EZ Reyes.

Main Cast

  • Edward James Olmos as Felipe Reyes
  • Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes
  • Danny Pino as Miguel Galindo
  • Carla Baratta as Luisa ‘Adelita’ Espina
  • Emilio Rivera as Marcus Alvarez
  • Sarah Bolger as Emily Thomas
  • Michael Irby as Obispo ‘Bishop’ Losa

Recurring Cast

  • Frankie Loyal as Hank ‘Tranq’ Loza
  • Joseph Lucero as Neron ‘Creeper’ Vargas
  • Vincent Vargas as Gilberto ‘Gilly’ Lopez
  • Gino Vento as Nestor Oceteva
  • Emily Tosta as Leticia Cruz
  • Vanessa Giselle as Hope


EZ’s Belief

EZ and many members of the club believe that they should re-enter the drug trade and declare war on the Sons of Anarchy.


Mayans MC season 5 plot will cover EZ leading the club to war against the Sons of Anarchy. The head of the table, Marcus Alvarez, thinks otherwise, and tensions between them have escalated.

Adelita’s Child

The arrival of the child of Angel and Adelita will have a significant influence on the series’s tone and storyline. The child’s welfare will become paramount to Angel, and it may conflict with the needs and wants of the club.


Mayans MC season 5 trailer

FX released the Mayans MC season 5 trailer on April 26, which gave us our first real look at all the violence and madness coming in the show.

Where to Watch

In the US

In the US, you can watch Mayans MC on Hulu, while customers in the US who want to watch the show live will require either a standard pay-TV subscription that includes FX or a live TV streaming service like FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, or YouTube TV that carries the channel.

In the UK

In the UK, you can find Mayans MC on Sky Go, BBC iPlayer, and Disney Plus. As of now, Disney Plus only has the first three seasons.


Mayans MC season 5 promises to be an explosive conclusion to the biker gang franchise. With EZ and Angel at odds, the fate of the Mayans hangs in the balance. Will they go to war with the Sons of Anarchy, or will they follow Marcus Alvarez’s advice? Keep an eye on Mayans MC season 5, which will air its final episodes in summer 2023.


1. When will Mayans MC Season 5 be released?

Mayans MC Season 5 will premiere on May 24, 2023.

2. Who is the cast of Mayans MC Season 5?

The Mayans MC Season 5 cast will be led by J D Pardo as EZ Reyes. The remaining characters will return, including Sarah Bolger as Emily Thomas, Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes, Carla Baratta as Adelita, and Emilio Rivera as Marcus Alvarez.

3. What will happen in the Mayans MC Season 5 plot?

The Mayans MC Season 5 plot will cover EZ leading the club against the Sons of Anarchy, while Angel’s concern for his child’s well-being may conflict with the club’s needs and goals.

4. Where can I watch Mayans MC?

You can watch Mayans MC on Hulu in the US and on Sky Go, BBC iPlayer, and Disney Plus in the UK.

5. How many episodes are there in Mayans MC Season 5?

Mayans MC Season 5 consists of ten episodes.