Matthew Perry Reveals His Secret Love Life with Julia Roberts and Jennifer Aniston!

The Love Life of Matthew Perry: A Deep Dive into his High Profile Relationships

Matthew Perry, the former Friends actor, has recently opened up about his love life in his new memoir called “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing”. The book is a candid retelling of his relationships, flings, and insecurities.

Matthew’s Secret Romance with Julia Roberts

At the height of her career, Julia Roberts and Matthew Perry were in a secret romantic relationship. Here’s a closer look at how their love story unfolded:

Julia insisted on being featured in Matthew Perry’s Friends storyline

Matthew was star-struck when his co-creator told him that Julia Roberts wanted to appear in his storyline.

Matthew was smitten with Julia’s witty personality

Matthew claimed that he fell in love with Julia’s witty personality and dazzling smile.

Matthew’s insecurities led to the break up

Matthew wrote that he broke up with Julia Roberts because he was too insecure and couldn’t handle being with someone so beautiful and successful.

Matthew’s Love Struggles

Throughout his life, Matthew has struggled with addiction and insecurities that have negatively impacted his love life:

Matthew’s struggles with addiction

Matthew struggled with addictions to painkillers, alcohol, and drugs which wreaked havoc on his dating life.

Matthew’s fear of being unworthy

Matthew’s fear of being unworthy in relationships has led him to break up with dozens of women throughout his life.

Matthew regrets ending good relationships out of insecurity

Matthew regrets ending many of his good relationships out of insecurity and is now left alone while the women he dated have all moved on with their lives.

Matthew’s Unrequited Love for Jennifer Aniston

Matthew had an unrequited love for Jennifer Aniston long before they became co-stars on Friends. Here’s what happened:

Matthew’s failed attempts to woo Jennifer Aniston

Matthew tried to pursue Jennifer romantically before they became co-stars but his attempts were fruitless.

Matthew’s relationships with Jennifer Aniston after Friends

Matthew and Jennifer have remained friends after Friends and still talk about life and relationships often.

Matthew’s Future Relationships

Matthew’s book gives us insight into his dating anxieties and insecurities, but it also suggests he’s open to new relationships:

Matthew is ready for new relationships

Matthew’s book suggests that he’s open to new relationships as he continues to work on his insecurities and addiction.

Matthew’s hopes for the future

Matthew has written that he hopes to overcome his addiction and insecurities while making peace with his past.


Matthew Perry’s new memoir is an open and honest account of his struggles with love and relationships. It offers insight into the deep-rooted fears and insecurities that can plague even the most successful and charismatic public figures.


1. How many women has Matthew Perry dated?

Matthew Perry has dated numerous women throughout his life, but he breaks up with them out of his fear of rejection and feelings of inadequacy.

2. Did Jennifer Aniston ever date Matthew Perry?

No, Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry never dated, but Matthew had always hoped for a romantic relationship.

3. Who did Matthew Perry have a fling with in a cupboard?

Matthew Perry had a raunchy encounter with Gwyneth Paltrow in a cupboard.

4. What caused Matthew Perry’s addiction to painkillers?

Matthew Perry’s addiction to painkillers began when he was prescribed them after a jet-skiing accident.

5. What does Matthew Perry hope to gain from his new memoir?

Matthew Perry hopes to overcome his addiction and insecurities while making peace with his past through his new memoir.