Matrix Co-Director Lilly Wachowski wishes that Ivanka Trump and Elon Musk would give a break to discussing her movie. Read for all details.

Film-maker Lilly Wachowski has reacted to Elon Musk and Ivanka Trump after the pair chatted via social media utilizing an expression from the Wachowskis’ hit 1999 film, The Matrix.

Counselor to the President Ivanka Trump connected with driving business officials and delegates from media outlets on Sunday to meet an off the cuff culmination, as the government proceeded with its troublesome work of stemming the spread of the novel coronavirus while shielding the economy from falling.

As joblessness takes off and American passings from COVID-19 close to the 90,000 counts, Trump is utilizing her long stretches of involvement with the business enterprise to manufacture striking new collusions between the administration and the industrialists and social pioneers whose help—and assessment dollars—will be important to limit passings and keep the nation running until this is over. But on the counterpart of this pandemic Trump also seems busy spending her time tweeting about the 1999 action movie The Matrix.

On Sunday evening, Musk tweeted, “Take the red pill,” trailed by a red rose:


The possibility of a “red pill” originates from a scene in The Matrix where Keanu Reeves’ character is informed that all that he knows is an untruth and given the decision to either take a blue pill and keep living in euphoric numbness or take a red pill and find reality

After Musk tweeted “Take the red pill” – alluding to a key scene in The Matrix, which in this manner offered ascend to the expression “red pilling” as a far-right, misanthrope image, alongside a red rose emoticon ordinarily connected with the Democratic Socialists of America, the political association to which Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib have a place – Trump answered: “Taken!”

To all which Wachowski replied  “Fuck both of you”.


Musk, the South African-conceived business visionary who is CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, posted his unique tweet with no other remark, yet it is thought to allude to his conflict with experts in California over his arrangements to revive the Tesla production line in Fremont, in which he was upheld by Donald Trump.