Marvel movie: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to be streamed on Disney+. Here is everything you need to know : Release date, plot and cast details

By 7 months ago

A piece of good news for all the Marvel and Star Wars fans. Disney+ is launching various movies and shows of Marvel and Star Wars.

Now you don’t have to wonder about the characters like Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. After the movie ‘Avengers Endgame,’ some characters got their character conclusion but these characters just began.

So, don’t scratch your head because these superheroes are coming to your screens with their series. Disney’s streaming platform that is Disney+ channel will release ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ real soon.

The series will be joined with other movies and TV series like The Mandalorian. The Mandalorian is the first action series of Star Wars which will be premiered in November. These shows are all in the budget of a worthy movie.

The special Marvel shows will release around eight episodes shortly. These limited series will focus on the original movie characters only.

Release Date:

There is no such fixed date for the release of ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’. However, it is estimated to be premiered by the fall of 2019. Malcolm Spellman along with John Wick is the writer of this TV series.


The role of character Sam Wilson aka Falcon will be played by Anthony Mackie. Sebastian Stan will play the role of Bucky Barnes (aka Winter Soldier) in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Other known big-screen characters may also contribute some parts in the show.


In the final scenes of Avengers Endgame, we saw Falcon and Winter Soldier getting their new roles as superheroes. Both the superheroes are seen to carry the symbol of Captain America’s shield. So, we can just make assumptions about the further story.

The poster of the show featured Sam in a new red and white color suit and Bucky with a shorter haircut. Mackie who plays the role of Bucky said that once, the Falcon, always the Falcon.