Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola call Marvel movies ‘despicable’; James Gunn and Natalie Portman come to defense

Recently, the famous directors Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola were seen criticizing the MCU superhero movies.

When Francis Coppola and Martin kept disgracing Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, there came the MCU filmmaker James Gunn and Natalie Portman for defending the superhero series.

Coppola, who is well known as the director of The Godfather, commented on MCU movies as theme parks based. Both Martin Scorsese and Francis referred to the movies as despicable. He said that movies are made for spreading knowledge. MCU films do not provide any knowledge or inspiration.

Francis went a step ahead of Martin when he said that the Irishman series maker is kind enough just to mention MCU film should not be considered as movies. According to Francis, nobody gains anything from these movies, and these are contemptible. The director commented on the movies during the Prix Lumiere in France.

Meanwhile, the film-maker of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s director James Gunn came for the rescue. He took the matter to social media and commented that not everyone could praise superhero movies. Everyone has a different taste, and even some geniuses can not appreciate the superhero genre.

Geniuses referred to the two directors who criticized the MCU movies. He added, gangsters and cowboy movies were discouraged by our forefathers in the past. He compared the superheroes to the gangsters and cowboys characters of the modern era.

The oscar awardee, Natalie Portman, also supported Gunn. She has played the character of a scientist in the Thor series. The actress said that MCU films are entertaining. People love to watch superhero movies after having a tiring work schedule to have fun and entertain themselves.

Natalie added that there should be equal space for all the movie genres. Making of films is an art, and there is no definition of art.