Married At First Sight: Find Out Everything Here! Which MAFS Couple Found Love and Whose Love Flopped?

In episode 15 of Married At First Sight, we got to see many heartbreaks. On one side, some couples renewed their vows, while some walk away from their love journey. It could be called the most emotional episode.

Here’s what happened between each couple:

Vicky And Steffan going for a long time have broken their vows at the final hurdle. Steffan declares his love to Vicky when she walks over to him saying, “It has become during our time apart that I am not your person nor you are mine”.

Vicky somewhere knows that Steffan is not the one for her but gets emotional while saying him goodbye. While Steffan gives Vicky a twitchy hug saying, “It’s not over yet.”

Carmen And Jimmy, the beautiful pair confess their love to each other. The couple meets at the Botanical garden, where Carmen is seen wearing a wedding gown with a big smile.

“Thank you for always having my back, always making me laugh, always taking care of me, always being weird with me and always being honest with me”, she admitted her love to him.

Jimmy goes on saying the same vows to her, “I’m definitely falling in love with you.”Finally, walked away hand in hand.

While Anna is based in Auckland and Jordan in Foxton, they both are trying to find a way to make their long-distance relationship work.

Jordan gets washed away in emotions but managed to say his vows, “Anna Saxton, I love You.”

Anna admits her love for him realizing that he’s the only one bigger than every distance, doubts, and rumors. She also expressed her emotions saying that the past five weeks’ journey was the best five weeks of her life.

“This may be the end of our journey, but now I know the man waiting for me at this other new beginning… and I am in love with you.” She said.