Mark Wahlberg Bartends in Chicago and Creates a Stir with His Tequila Brand Flecha Azul

Mark Wahlberg Bartends in Chicago: Promotes Tequila Brand Flecha Azul at The Bellevue


Mark Wahlberg, the versatile actor, and entrepreneur visited Chicago on Tuesday night to promote his tequila brand Flecha Azul at The Bellevue. The event draws an enormous crowd, with fans gathered to catch a glimpse of the artist formerly known as Marky Mark.

The Flecha Azul Tequila Brand

Co-founded by Marquez and Mark Wahlberg, Flecha Azul took the world by storm after announcing its global expansion, starting with Marquez’s home country- Mexico. The brand’s growing popularity and reach were further highlighted by the actor’s appearance in Chicago.

The Bellevue Promotional Event

Mark Wahlberg’s visit to the Windy City was part of a promotional event for the tequila brand Flecha Azul that took place at The Bellevue. The event began with the actor taking on the role of a bartender, serving drinks and promoting the brand.

Crowd Draws

The event was attended by fans, some of whom waited for hours to catch a glimpse of Mark Wahlberg. The excitement was palpable as the actor interacted with the crowd, signed autographs, and posed for pictures.

Tequila Tasting

Mark Wahlberg also shared his knowledge about tequila culture and offered a tequila tasting experience, where attendees could sample the different varieties of Flecha Azul tequila.

Brand Promotion

Mark Wahlberg’s presence at the promotional event further boosted the Flecha Azul brand’s popularity and reach, as the actor’s fan base and promotional prowess helped create awareness around the tequila brand.

Mark Wahlberg- The Entrepreneur

Mark Wahlberg is an actor, producer, and entrepreneur who has a reputation for taking on projects that showcase his entrepreneurial skills and interests. Apart from Flecha Azul, the actor has also invested in other brands such as AQUAhydrate and Performance Inspired Nutrition.


AQUAhydrate is a brand of alkaline water that Mark Wahlberg invested in and has helped grow. The company recently announced a partnership with Walmart, which would help expand its reach and availability.

Performance Inspired Nutrition

Performance Inspired Nutrition is a health supplement brand that Mark Wahlberg co-founded in 2016. The brand offers a range of workout supplements, protein bars, and vitamins designed to enhance athletic performance.


Mark Wahlberg’s promotional event for Flecha Azul at The Bellevue in Chicago was a massive success that drew an enormous crowd and further boosted the tequila brand’s popularity. The actor’s prowess as a brand ambassador and his entrepreneurial skills continue to drive his investments into success.


1. What is Flecha Azul?

Flecha Azul is a tequila brand co-founded by Mark Wahlberg and Aron Marquez.

2. What other brands has Mark Wahlberg invested in?

Mark Wahlberg has invested in other brands such as AQUAhydrate and Performance Inspired Nutrition.

3. Where was the promotional event for Flecha Azul held?

The promotional event for Flecha Azul was held at The Bellevue in Chicago.

4. What kind of tequila does Flecha Azul offer?

Flecha Azul offers different varieties of tequila that customers can sample and taste during a tequila tasting experience.

5. Who attended the promotional event for Flecha Azul?

The event was attended by fans of Mark Wahlberg and tequila enthusiasts who enjoyed the experience of meeting the actor and tasting the Flecha Azul brand of tequila.