Margot Robbie shares behind-the-scene preparation for nude scene in The Wolf of Wall Street

Australian Actress Margot Robbie hits tequila before her scene opposite Leonardo DiCaprio

Margot Robbie remembers doing shots of tequila prior to shooting her opening nude scene opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street. According to Fox News, during a special guest appearance by Hollywood star Margot Robbie at an event for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, revealed she needed some liquid courage before shooting a saucy nude scene with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Margot Robbie an on-screen wife of Leonardo DiCaprio has recently shared how she decided to have several shots of booze in order to shoot an opening scene in the film’s rowdy atmosphere.

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She further shared her feelings that how silly it is now knowing how massive the movie got to be, while back when filming she thought no one was going to notice her when there is this huge star like Leo, everyone will be focusing on. “And I was just kind of like, ‘I’ll slip under the radar”, she added.

In a different interview this month, Margot Robbie reflected on the beginning of her career and claimed that before appearing in The Wolf of Wall Street, she had no idea what fame would do to her. She felt pretty awful at those early stages of her stepping into the industry and she remembered saying to her mother ‘I don’t think I want to do this,’ she told in her meeting at Vanity Fair.

Margot Robbie
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It is in fact should be agreed on being silly to now see how ironically, the Australian Actress came so far and what wonders in films she is been a part of. The journey from The Wolf of Wall Street to Suicide Squad, Focus, and many iconic hit movies in the industry recorded her character in each film as one of its own twisted roles.

Her upcoming movie Babylon is set to release this Christmas, on 23 December 2022, co-starring Brad Pitt, Tobey Maguire, Phoebe Tonkin, and a few more.