Marc Anthony Performs Passionate Tribute to José José After Taking Big Latin American Music Awards Honor Home!!

Mark Anthony was honored with the first-ever Latin AMA International Artist Award of Excellence at Thursday night’s entertainment pageant, yet as opposed to playing out his very own variety hits, he concentrated consideration on the late José. The group of spectators at Hollywood’s Dolby Theater dismally looked on as Anthony conveyed an enthusiastic version of the late craftsman’s “Almohada.”

The Latin AMA International Artist Award of Excellence is given to craftsmen that turn the world around with their enormity, traverse language, race, or religion. The craftsman’s tunes are melodic songs of praise that represent harmony, rising above fringes. Anthony noticed the heaviness of respect while tolerating the honor.

“This doesn’t occur in one day, one year,” Anthony told the group, taking note of his decades-long profession. The vocalist gave a whoop to his youngsters, Puerto Rico, and after that committed his honor to the late José. Anthony later played out his new melody, “Lo Que Te Di.”

“He has vanquished the world singing salsa, merengue, bolero, and pop. Today, he’s at a worldwide level,” she said before calling the salsa artist in front of an audience.

“Much obliged to you. I would prefer to sing than talk; however, I need to state this doesn’t occur in one day. We’ve been working on this for right around 30 years,” Marc commenced his discourse. “I have to say thanks to Magnus, Sony, my family, and my youngsters who have relinquished to such an extent. Much obliged to you, Puerto Rico, and the Latin culture. I additionally need to commit this honor to my dear sibling, Jose.”

After his acknowledgment discourse, Marc played out a sincere tribute to the late Mexican vocalist by singing “Almohada.”

Given out just because, the International Artist Award of Excellence respects craftsmen that turn the world around with their significance, traverse boundaries of language, race, or religion. Their nationality has no fringes; they represent harmony, and their tunes resound as melodic songs of devotion.

Anthony is one of the most persuasive craftsmen of his time and a genuine representative of Latin culture and music. Anthony propelled his performance profession in 1988 with his presentation collection, “Radical.” Up to date, the artist, entertainer, and maker has gotten innumerable gold and platinum grants from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), with in excess of 31 hits on the Billboard outlines and over 7.4 billion perspectives on YouTube.

Other than being an effective artist, Marc Anthony made the Maestro Cares Foundation, which hosts different raising money occasions during the time to profit the non-benefit association and manufacture halfway houses in Latin America. Anthony has additionally extrapolated his prosperity to the corporate scene, by turning into a minority-proprietor of The Miami Dolphins football crew, and beginning his own stimulation organization, Magnus Media.