Many Reasons Why “13 Reason Why” Is Controversial For Teenagers! Has the Teen drama romanticized the suicide act more??

Netflix’s popular teenage show 13 Reason Why is been in the controversy since the show premiered. The series touched upon several essential issues dealt with teenagers between the age of 10 – 17 years. Some problems are inbuilt, and few come with circumstances or some hidden in some deep closets.

Nobody even comes to know about it until the child takes a drastic step. 13 Reasons Why series have tried to show the challenges faced by a high school child. Issues can occur due to peer pressure or misjudgments. The age which is considered to be the most carefree and enjoyable time of one’s life can be agonizing.

Since 13 Reasons Why premiered, the suicide rates in American kids have gone up as per many surveys conducted. Mental health campaigners and psychiatrists claim, the show has romanticized the suicide act.

As per few, the new seasons have no morale check, and all teen characters are seen dealing with many issues. Sexual violence, online bullying, drugs, pregnancy, murder, mass killing attempt, etc. are few issues glamorized in more than many ways, with no sensitivity in check.

Producers and creators are not accepting blame. As per them, the idea is to highlight these issues, which runs in every American household. It can be easily avoided by brushing matters under the carpet. Real bravery is required in facing and by putting everything on the table on a big platform.

It is necessary to understand the struggle of a teenage child. Netflix’s complexed show has remained in controversy till now due to its storyline.

The things presented in front of the adults and teenagers through this show is also praiseworthy. It has managed to highlight the complex life the young generation is living in the present times. The need of the hour is to open up or confront the problem with someone you trust; definitely, you will find a solution.

It’s convenient to close the eyes or look on the other side, but facing the issues requires real guts.