Maneater: the perfect game for you if you’re in the mood for a role playing survival game. Read for all details.

The game will be available on many platforms like PSP-4, XBOX-1, Windows in this month. The bug fixes would induce more and more players and would also increase the number of players playing the game.

About Maneater

Maneater is an expected activity computer game. The game has been created by Tripwire Interactive and Blindside Interactive and distributed by Tripwire Interactive and Deep Silver. It is a one-player game.

In this game, there is a shark, and players will have full authority over the mass shark. This child shark needs to defeat in the upstanding scene as she has embarked to render retribution on an angler since he has murdered her mom and even terrified the presence of the infant shark.

Aired On:

For those having Microsoft Windows, PS4, and XBOX ONE, Maneater will be accessible on 22 May 2020. Nintendo Switch Players should hang tight for the game up to later 2020.

Ongoing interaction

Played from a third-individual viewpoint, the game is an experience/activity kind game. The player needs to assume responsibility for a child shark. This infant shark has embarked to render retribution on an angler as he slaughtered her mom and besides, terrified the presence of the infant shark. Most essential ambushes of the shark envelop hitting adversaries with head and tail. It can utilize different fishes as a weapon. The child shark can chase other oceanic creatures. This will give its minerals. These minerals can be utilized to overhaul the shark, which incorporates opening new capacities and assaults. Additionally, the shark gradually develops into a Megalodon.

This is an open-world game. It implies that the players can uninhibitedly wander around. They can finish certain side goals to increase extra rewards. At the point when the destruction made by the shark builds, it very well may be increasingly risky to endure. People will be scanning for it. Presently, the shark can slaughter ten named characters to increase certain capacities.

The storyteller of this game is Chris Parnell.

Aficionados are enthusiastically hanging tight for its discharge, as they are happy to perceive what this game will offer.