Man dies within 10 days of mosquito borne-virus, EEE. Authorities and people on high alert..

EEE ( Eastern Equine Encephalitis) is a rare mosquito-borne virus. It has the ability to cause a fatal brain infection. The case was reported in August, the man was absolutely fine. In a span of ten days, he was brain dead. From being perfectly fine to brain dead. It’s a severe case and needs immediate attention.

Mark (McChesney) described his brother as an outdoor person. His brother had a passion for photography. He is the third person this year, who has died because if this particular mosquito’s bite. Gregg McChesney (64-year-old), died after a nine-month illness. The disease is also known as sleeping sickness.
This mosquito-borne disease is a threat. Michigan is facing trouble. The rate of EEE is pretty high there. EEE is one of the most dangerous mosquito-borne disease. The rate of fatality is pretty high which is 33 percent.
Its symptoms include sudden fever, chills, body aches. The symptoms resemble other mosquito-borne diseases. Cases have been reported in which people face severe brain damage, go in a coma, and even face death. Nine cases of EEE have been reported in horses as well. It is a clear indication, that it affects animals and is not just confined to humans.
This needs an immediate check. It is imperative to look into the matter. It has ruined the lives of people in a span of a mere 10 days. People are on high alert. One thing is clear, the recovery rate is very low. Once this disease has caught anyone, the person would go into a coma , suffer brain damage or even death.