Man cut off neck and brutally killed two doctors as he fest “double-crossed!” Murderer had an affair with one of the doctors he killed!

The man blamed for killing two specialists in their Boston penthouse told police he was having an unsanctioned romance with one and killed the other in self-preservation, as per an account played at his preliminary Thursday.


In a peculiar contort in the twofold murder preliminary of Bampumim Teixeira, a jury tuned in to the account of the respondent’s emergency clinic bed proclamation one day after the passings of anesthesiologists Lina Bolanos, 39, and Richard Field, 48 in May 2017.

Bolanos and Field had urgently taken a stab at alarming police, loved ones preceding they were executed, as indicated by past preliminary declaration.


Teixeira, in a scarcely discernible voice, asserted he started having an unsanctioned romance with Bolanos during the limited timeframe he worked in her structure. Upon the arrival of the killings, Teixeira told the police, Field showed up home and discovered him with Bolanos, whom the specialist cut to death in an attack of wrath.

During an interview, Teixeira advised an examiner that everything went to “hellfire” when Fields saw him making out with Bolanos. He likewise expressed that he used to work at the structure and that he would visit Bolanos when Fields left town.

Teixeira asserted that Fields, at that point, became irritated and said that he was going to kill them before cutting Bolanos a few times in the neck since he “felt double-crossed.” Teixeira additionally said on the account that he attempted to spare Bolanos.

Boston Herald

Fields cuffed Bolanos and cut her, Teixeira guaranteed in the meeting. He additionally told police that “there was blood everywhere” and that he dreaded for his life.