Mally Mall face accusations of drugging and raping fitness model

He was blamed of functioning a Las Vegas based sex fencing operation, under the guise of an escort service, in 2014.

Now rapper and producer Mally Mall, 42, is being charged for sexual battery and false custody, amidst other charges, by a fitness and clothing model.

In court documents, Quashay Davis expressed a disheartening report where the former Love And Hip Hop star supposedly drugged her and compelled her to function sex acts with him at his home, all at the same time called a ‘hypersexualized environment’ that comprised several other naked women.

‘This is a blatant pursuit at extortion,’ a rep for Mall told TMZ after news destitute on the the current lawsuit.

‘There is no credible basis or merit in this case,’ he joined.

The supposed victim said her agony began after she flew from Dallas to Los Angeles to tourney with Mall (born Jamal Rashid) about her career in the health business.

After being received to former porn star Jayla Foxxx at his home, Davis said she battered out after drinking a varied cocktail that she admits was spiked with the drug molly, which has been related to MDMA or ecstasy.

The model retains she frequently asked Mall to stop, and that she ‘feared for her life and bothered that he would crush or gasp her to death.’

She also stated that he threatened to kill her if she depart the property. All this carried out before making her entrance to the following day after Mall elapsed out.

In the lawsuit, the rapper is being appealed for sexual battery, bogus imprisonment, gender violence and castigation of emotional and physical anxiety.

He was indicted of running the illegal activity from April 2002 to September 2014 in Clark County, Nevada.

Mall has created by the side of such big label stars as Drake, Snoop Dogg, Tyga, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and 50 Cent.