Malia and Sasha Obama: true examples of down-to earth people! What’s their world like? Check it out here.

Malia and Sasha Obama are the children of the former president of the USA. The two hail from a successful family, however, that didn’t affect their lives. The two have lived a decent and normal life despite being rich and secure. The two had personal lives despite the profile of their parents. The two had to be independent and work on their own and achieve like any other individual would, keeping aside that their family was influential.

What was the life that they lived in?

The two had curfew times, had to clean their rooms on their own, weren’t given huge amounts on birthdays, no presents on their special day, they had lived a life that was basic and without many advantages. They lived a life like their friends. They interned and became financially independent like anyone else would.

The two had their love lives while they were making a career of their own. Having studied in high-profile colleges like Harvard, the two have done everything that they should have to make a career and lived a love-life with their acquaintances.

The two have shown the level of decency that an individual can possess, despite being capable of earning anything at one command, the two were kept away from that life. The two had faced hate comments for their physical appearances which were later defended by her fans who admired her.

There were pieces of fake news from her fake accounts on social media sites which were later proved wrong which comprises the fake piece of news of them getting arrested. Their acquaintances were oblivious of them being children to the former president of the USA. They kept away from the media so that they could live a normal and low-profile life.