Maisie Williams surprises everyone by singing ‘Let It Go’ In The New Audi Super Bowl Commercial! We are sure you’ll be her fan after this if you aren’t already.

By 5 months ago

Game of Thrones Star Maisie Williams Belts ‘Let It Go’ From Frozen For Audi

The entertainment quotient in this year’s Super Bowl was extremely high. Along with the performances of renowned artists in the half-time, the commercials also attract several eyeballs. And this year’s commercials included one incredible crossover between two popular cinematic brilliance- Game of Thrones and Frozen.

In a new advertisement for the luxurious car manufacturer- Audi that debuted during Super Bowl 54, Arya Stark from Games of Thrones aka Maise Williams sang the beloved anthem “Let It Go” from everyone’s favourite movie ‘Frozen’ as she drives around the city. Well, there are many talents apart from superior sword handling that she is harbouring about which we had no idea.

The ad starts with Maisie getting into her Audi e-Tron in the busy streets of the town. Upon getting behind the wheel of her Audi, she meets up with heavy traffic on her way. With people yelling and cars honking, Maisie blocks out the noise by singing a tune that we are all familiar with, love it deeply, ‘Let It Go,’ from Frozen.

The 22-year-old Games of Thrones alum hums to the lyrics of Let It Go with her panache as she speeds past the shops, sidewalks, streets, singing the catchy phrases from the song, and people from the street joins in with her.

By the means of this ad, Audi wanted to convey an empowering sense of independence through sustainability, as the Sportback requires no fossil fuel directly. In a press release, Audi indicated its intention of reducing global vehicle-specific CO2 emissions by 30% by the year 2025, and wanting to CO2-neutral plans throughout within the same time frame.

Maisie took to her Instagram account to share the experience of working on this ad as she got to “whiz around LA.”