Mainframe Catastrophe for Chicago Bears!!!


Mitchell David Trubisky, the American football quarterback was drafted by the Chicago Bears with the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

During the 2017 preseason, David taped the third-highest passer rating of the 29 quarterbacks with at least 50 passes along with three touchdowns and no ambush. Despite his strong preseason, he has named the backup to Mike Glennon for the 2017 regular season.

Lately, The Bears would count the tales in wait-and-see mode when it comes to the health of quarterback Mitch Trubisky and his left shoulder. The  16-6 win over Minnesota though was a sure lead, it is pivotal to back the ace.

The injury occurred six plays into Sunday’s game when Vikings thwarting end Danielle Hunter tripped up Trubisky from behind as he was tussled out of the pocket. Trubisky fell awkwardly on that shoulder and would leave the game, immediately heading into the injury canopy.

On recognition of the tent, the Bears’ trainers came out with a sullen look to the sideline out of uniform and with his arm in a sling. Nagy did mention that he doesn’t think it’s a season-closure play, but couldn’t say whether Trubisky’s shoulder was broken, sprained, or dislocated. Four games into the QB’s highly-anticipated expostulation season, the Bears aren’t even sure when he’ll be back on the field.

It appeared, after weeks of conjecture and at least on face value, the Bears had decided and considered ample privilege. Instead, the team announced that Trubisky had injured his hip. Questions both about the severity of the injury and the timing of David being removed from the game quickly hiked, subsequently leaving Nagy to face a firing squad of inquiry after the  Sunday’s loss and again on Monday.

But soon when David drive of the night early in the third quarter he was ruled the fourth quarter when was pulled in place of Daniel, which Nagy insists had nothing to do with Trubisky’s level of play regardless of the scent of the unexpected change gave off.

The Bears must now defend the move by sticking with their draft as their guy that remain the starter as long as he is healthy. At some point, like they did Sunday night, the Bears will be forced to decide if David is the quarterback they want on the field. And like the gossip Nagy had with Trubisky on the field, the decision could be one Trubisky doesn’t like but will be forced to live with.