Madonna Had Major Crush On Antonio In Early 90’s!! Alas the Brave Heart Had No Clue!!

“I had no idea,” finally Antonio spoke about Pop Singer Madonna’s crush on him. The actor, 59, admitted during an interview on Sirius XM’s The Jess Cagle Show on Friday while promoting his Pedro Almodovar film Pain and Glory.

So What was inside the story?

As per sources when Madonna did her Truth and Dare documentary, and her obsession over the actor was quite clearly visible to everyone, and how Antonio never called her back.

The documentary was released in 1991 and chronicled Madonna’s controversial 1990 “Blonde Ambition” international tour, including behind-the-scenes footage of her trip and life.

In one scene, Madonna explained who Banderas was to an American audience who wasn’t familiar with him at the time.

She further admitted that she had a crush on him for two years, saw all his movies, and was dying to meet him. She tried everything possible to reach to him and made him fall in love with her. But Antonio was a committed family guy and declined all the future possibilities with Madonna.

Who was the lucky girl?

Banderas was married to Spanish actress Ana Leza at the time. The two divorced in 1996, and that same year he married actress Melanie Griffith after they starred in the comedy Two Much.

Madonna and Antonio worked together?

In 1996, they worked on a film named Evita, in which Madonna portrayed the first lady of Argentina, and Banderas played the revolutionary Che Guevara.

As per Antonio, Madonna is one of the most committed artists, and she imbibes every characteristic of every role she plays.

Its been years, but such naive acceptance of young age crushes brings a smile on everyone’s face. Whether at present Madonna still feels the same crush for Antonio or not, but they do share and show respect for each other.