Madison Bailey and Mariah Linney: The Real-life Love Story that Started on TikTok!

Madison Bailey and Mariah Linney: A Love Story on TikTok

Madison Bailey and Mariah Linney: A Love Story on TikTok

Who is Madison Bailey dating? Learn all about the love story between ‘Outer Banks’ star Madison Bailey and her partner, Mariah Linney.

The Rise of Madison Bailey

Discover how Madison Bailey shot to fame through her roles in Black Lightning and Outer Banks.

Introducing Mariah Linney

Get to know Mariah Linney, Madison Bailey’s girlfriend, and their journey together.

A Match Made on Social Media

Explore how Madison and Mariah’s love story began with a flirty TikTok exchange.

From Online to Real Life

Learn how Madison and Mariah’s virtual connection turned into a physical relationship.

Coming Out and Going Public

Discover Madison Bailey’s journey of self-discovery and her decision to go public with her relationship on social media.

A TikTok Announcement

Explore how Madison and Mariah announced their relationship to the world through a popular TikTok trend.

A Public Display of Love

Witness the heartwarming TikTok video where Madison and Mariah revealed their love for each other.

The Seriousness of Their Relationship

Learn how Madison describes her relationship with Mariah as “very serious” despite being in the early stages.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did Madison Bailey and Mariah Linney meet?

Find out the details of Madison and Mariah’s first encounter on social media.

2. When did Madison Bailey come out as pansexual?

Discover when Madison publicly shared her pansexuality with her fans.

3. What is Madison Bailey’s breakout role?

Learn about the role that catapulted Madison Bailey into the spotlight.

4. How did Madison and Mariah announce their relationship?

Explore the creative way Madison and Mariah let the world know they were dating.

5. How has the public reacted to Madison and Mariah’s relationship?

Discover the reception Madison and Mariah’s relationship has received from fans and the public.


In the age of social media, love stories can begin in the most unexpected places. Madison Bailey and Mariah Linney’s relationship blossomed from a simple TikTok flirty exchange to a full-blown romance. Their journey serves as a reminder that love knows no boundaries, whether online or offline.