Madame X Tour less with 3 concerts!! Madonna took break on doctor’s strict Advice, feeling very guilty about canceling

The legendary pop star cancels back the toy back three tour dates due to deterioration in her health condition.

Madonna revealed that the doctors have strictly advised her to take an immediate break from her tour and take some rest. Madonna is facing ‘overwhelming pain ‘ physically. Though she doesn’t look like 61, her body parts definitely don’t match with her glowing skin, and she is facing pain due to constant performances.

Madonna penned down a note on her Instagram profile, revealing that not performing is a punishment for her. She is feeling very guilty about canceling her concerts. But she was bound to do this as her body was not supporting her.

She also wrote that taking rest would make her stronger, and she will come back better than before!  Madonna also revealed that she couldn’t wait to come back on the stage.

Madonna also released a video on Instagram, where she is taking an ice bath for her physical injuries. It was also reported that she is also suffering from a knee injury. However, Madonna has still not revealed what kind of injury exactly she is suffering from.

Madonna will resume her tour again from 7 to December, most probably. She also has to perform a lot in the month of January next year.

This was not the first time when Madonna canceled her concert due to the doctor’s advice. The same thing happened in October this year. Let’s hope that Madonna will come back very soon and rock the stage again!

Madonna has been in the industry for almost 40 years!  She is known for her out of league music and of course, her beauty! Madonna was called the queen of pop in the 20th century. Well, she still is! She is 61 but has not stopped making music and probably won’t stop ever! Go, Madonna! You are the real queen!