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Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Sizzle for the British GQ!

Machine Gun and Megan Fox appears for GQ Magazine

After Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Baker, only Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are the power couple who knows how to steal the show. The two recently got twin tattoos which made their GQ photoshoot even hotter. In the British GQ Style cover shoot, the two not only posed for very sensational snaps but also gave one another tattoos. 

One of their matching designs read “the darkest fairytale” which fox told the magazine. This phrase was the first text Machine Gun and Megan Fox had sent each other. Originally, the couple planned to get this tattoo in their inner arms but Machine Gun ended up getting it inked on his hip. He wanted to enhance his exclusive tattoo collection. However, Megan thinks that she has messed it up imagining that the words cannot compensate after her boyfriend already got the tattoo. But Machine Gun convinced her that it is the best tattoo he has ever seen in his life. 

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox GQ tattoos

Well, it is not for the first time that the couple has dedicated tattoos to each other. Before this, in 2020 to Megan said that MGK has got the initials of her name tattooed and so she has got his nickname tattooed. Apart from their tattoo adventure, the couple has also displayed their amazing fashion sense for GQ magazine. They brought their signature fashion style to the British GQ shoot. Fox chose to Zana Bayne leather harness while MGK rocked thigh-high Rock Owens boots and added a black jacket with it. 

MGK and Megan
Credit: GQ official website

What else did Megan and MGK choose to wear for their GQ shoot?

The best dress-up of Megan was her silver snakeskin corset by Ritual whereas Kelly slipped into Dolce and Gabbana Coat. Both Fox and MGK got crosses on their nails for matching fashion.


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