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Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone from the ‘Home Alone’ movie series recently turned 40 and has the perfect reply for the trolls!

Home alone has been one of the most-watched movies in Hollywood. The movie is meant for children and has been watched not only by them, but also by people from all groups of ages. As a child, almost we all have watched the movie and laughed a great deal while watching it.

The story revolves around a young child who makes it tough for the kidnappers to manage him. He makes his way through the troubles to sort out the problems that he encounters with. The star of the movie who has been on the frontline of the talks is Macaulay Culkin. He is one of the performers of the movie and was appreciated for his organic acting. He is not only a good actor but also a person with a good sense of humor.

His movies have shown his amazing skills in the two aspects. He has recently spent his 40th birthday and has been receiving wishes for the same. His journey as an actor was the best so far and not only that, he is also a healthy person who barely looks his age. His youth is flourishing and his appearance can misguide anyone who attempts guessing his age.

What did he do on his birthday?

When he turned 40, he posted pictures of him on social media handles of his and captioned it in a way to mock at his fans. It was a soft attempt at making is the point about expressing his youth. Despite being 40, he doesn’t seem that old by appearance. His caption was regarding the same thing. It was nothing less than an attempt at showing his health which doesn’t let anyone believe in his age. His having entered his 40’s is tough to guess only by seeing him.

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