Lucifer: The Devil Returns and Stole Hearts in Season 6 – Review

The devil is back and fans cannot stop loving him

We are at the endgame now. The final 10 episodes of Lucifer season 6 are here. And here is the review.

Lucifer began with a rather simple yet very distinct storyline. We had the devil on earth solving crimes with his favourite Detective. Then the story moved forward rather a little slow but it did.

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What happened in the last season and what do we expect in this season?

In the fifth season, we saw god himself coming on the earth. There was a fight for power. We also saw Lucifer’s twin brother Michel persuading God himself. But till the end of the season, everything worked out in favour of Lucifer and he became theĀ  God. However, he literally fight his way out to save Chole and came back to the living by lifting the curse.

In the first episode of season 6, we see Lucifer struggling to comfort himself with the fact that he is ‘The God’ now. He declares that it is his last night in LA. Meanwhile, he heard our little angel Ella has been saying that she is praying for soo long and yet no one seems to be listening to her prayers. Which made Lucifer realize that he have to be there for everyone in need now.

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Then in the third episode, we also had some unexpected fun when we saw Lucifer and Chole. They were in an animated world. Meanwhile, in ‘Yabba Dabba Do Me’ we also saw our old friend Dan came back to life. However, it happens out that no one can actually see Dan.

Till the end of the season, you will be left with every emotion and probably in tears. Since it will be the time when Lucifer says goodbye to earth and to us forever.