Lucifer: “See You in Hell,” Fans can Take a Breather Now as Producers Confirmed Arrival of Season 5 Soon!


Our love, god of hell Lucifer Morning star is coming back on Netflix with another season. The news has been confirmed by the producers of the show. However, sadly this would be the last season of the show.

The producers of the show, Joe Henderson and Lidy Modrovich thanked Netflix for letting them finish the series on their own terms. They also thanked the fans for the love and support. Meanwhile, there has been news that the actor who plays Tom Ellis has finalized a deal for his role as Lucifer.

Even though FOX have asked to cancel the series in May 2019, but because of it is huge fan-following the series did not ended.

Release date

The filming for season 5 began in September 2019. Therefore, we guess the premier should be still the end of 2020 or in early 2021. However, this series do not form a particular fashion for its release date therefore we cannot be sure about it.

The filming of the show had put to a stop because of the pandemic hitting world-wide. So, whatever the release-date should have been it is a little postponed because of the virus. The series would come in two parts, each having 8 episodes. This means there would be total 16 episodes in this season.


The main characters such as Lucifer, Detective Chloe, Detective Dan and Dr Linda remains the same, there is not much change in the cast. However, we would again be seeing Eve played by Lavi who was first seen in season 4. We would also see father of Lucifer in the series God himself who would be played by Dennis Haybert. Some other new characters are, Erin Cummings as Mandy, Chaley Rose as Destiny Page, and Brianne as Detective Dancer and Mattew Boher as Donovam.