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Lucifer season 6 Netflix has renewed the show for another season? But Corona Virus Fear Might Cancel it.

Fans are literally losing their minds over the fact that Netflix might be renewing Lucifer for a sixth season as well! Yes, you heard that right! Tom Ellis might be signing for another season with the streaming giant.

Is There Going To Be A Sixth Season Of Lucifer Even After The Fifth Season Announced As The Last One?

After Fox canceled the popular show about the troubled devil who finds his way on Earth, it was Netflix who pulled the show and renewed for more seasons as well. However, like all good things, it was announced that the fifth season is going to be the last season as well.

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thanks to the lucifans, #lucifer's story will come to an end the way it should: the fifth and final season is coming to @netflix.

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However, with this new rumor around the corner of the main series regular Tom Ellis roped in for another season, fans are again hopeful! Although it is a bit early to predict the possibility of the plot structure as the fifth season is still yet to be released.

Is The Shooting Going To Be Delayed Due To Coronavirus Attack!

Sadly enough with the global pandemic Coronavirus creating havoc around the globe, many shows have withheld their filming or post-production works as well. So, this implies that we have to wait even for the fifth season as well. So, the sixth season is really going to be a long story for now. Nothing is official yet and now we should focus on the fifth season that will unravel the mysteries.

Netflix has not yet issued any official statement regarding the possibility of a sixth season. So, we need to wait a while until the fifth season come our way. Until we see and go through thw while fifth season it is hard to redict anything about the sixth season.

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